Public Works

What Does Public Works Do?

The Public Works Department manages the maintenance, rehabilitation, cleaning, and improvement of all Town-owned buildings, streets, and stormwater facilities. They also maintain, water, mow, and clean the grass and other facilities at Mountain Meadow Recreation Complex and Woodland Lake Park. Last (but not least), they’re responsible for snow removal from streets within the incorporated Town limits.

If you see them hard at work on the side of the road, be sure to wave hello - but please, be careful as you drive by!

The Public Works office also processes right-of-way permit applications; if a project near your home or place of business will involve the Town’s right-of-way area (usually the strip of land right next to a Town-owned road), you’ll need to get one of these permits before you begin work. Please contact our office at 928-368-8885 for more information.