Business and Our Local Economy

Pinetop-Lakeside is an important part of the dynamic economic development of northeastern Arizona. We are a community with abundant resources, including pollution-free air; plentiful water; cool, clear lakes; expansive forests; a refreshing four-season climate, and a well-planned rural business atmosphere that encourages innovation, clean technology, and growth. Our borders adjoin the largest stand of Ponderosa pines in the world.

Companies set down roots and grow here. Entrepreneurs, professionals, and developers bring their plans to life in our community—and thrive by doing so.

Pinetop-Lakeside has a strong, year-round tourism industry and a diversified economy oriented toward providing trade and services for tourists, recreation-seekers, and residents. Mount Baldy (Western Apache: Dzil Ligai) and Sunrise Ski Resort, located nearby on the White Mountain Apache Indian Reservation, attracts skiers from around the world with its well-developed slopes and facilities. Pinetop-Lakeside provides much of the lodging, hospitality, and retail infrastructure serving this growing market.

Pinetop-Lakeside has a commerce park and several master-planned development nodes with shovel-ready sites offering prime opportunities for growth.

Come grow with us!

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